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NEW STUDENT PROGRAMS (get started right away)

Kids 4 - 12 years old New Student Program
Children can try out our martial arts program with New Student Starter Program with 6 weeks of karate lessons and a complete karate uniform for only $69! Your child will love it - guaranteed!

Teens and Adults New Student Martial Arts Program
If you're looking for fun, fitness, self defense and more, this is the class for you! Try it for yourself - 3 lessons and a complete karate uniform for only $30. You'll know it's the right activity for you after your first class...guaranteed!


Serving the Rochester area since 1980, with branches in Penfield, Brighton and Webster, you can experience karate firsthand and feel the positive energy and confidence that comes from learning martial arts skills, respect, focus, discipline and self-defense.

My Child Never Cleaned His Room Until I Enrolled Him In Martial Arts Lessons...

That's a quote from a mother who was amazed and delighted by the positive change in her child after he started karate lessons. As an instructor for over 25 years, I've seen thousands of children improve their discipline, concentration, respect and overall attitude within a short period of time with lessons at our school.

How does this happen? By the structured (but fun and exciting) classes, the positive reinforcement and caring attitude of the instructors and the overall atmosphere of discipline and respect of a traditional martial arts school.

Here's what another parent had to say....
“I just wanted to say thank you for a great year of karate for my daughter, Madison. The instructors were able to get across, without saying it in so many words, that what’s imbedded in a child’s ability to look a person in the eye and firmly shake hands is dignity as well as confidence. It’s a valuable lesson, one that’s seldom taught these days and I’m so pleased you did it. Thanks so much for somehow being able to pay attention to each individual child in the class and to communicate that you are committed to Madison’s progress.” Debra Ross – Fairport

What about fitness?

Your child will be having so much fun in class they won't even notice the calories they are burning and muscle toning that is happening to their bodies. You will see increased energy and mental focus (great for school!) and they will feel more motivated and enthusiastic about all of their activities. Your child will improve their fitness and have loads of fun doing it.

“This karate experience has boosted Carly’s self confidence and self esteem. This has made her a more mature, a more poised and a more confident person. She has learned that with commitment and sacrifice she can achieve a major goal. This will serve her well in life” Christopher A. - Penfield

Can karate help my shy child?

Parents constantly tell us how their son or daughter is more confident in new situations and more outgoing in school and with their friends. As a matter of fact, one of the lessons a child learns is how to introduce themselves to other children and make new friends. This confidence spills over into schoolwork, sports and other activities.

"Liana has gained self confidence through karate. This gives her the platform to succeed in anything she sets her mind to. I see this in her school work, horseback riding and day to day interactions with people" Mrs. A. – Penfield

Okay, you've convinced me - how do I get started?

That's the easiest part! Our New Student Courses are designed to give your or your child an amazing first-time experience in the fun and exciting world of martial arts. You can register online at the links above or you can call us at any of our locations for more information.

Pittsford/Brighton - 475-9250
Penfield/Fairport - 377-6130
Webster/W. Penfield - 347-4660

Don't wait - call soon! Classes fill up quickly. We're looking forward to serving you.

What about for Adults?

Our Mind/Body/Spirit martial arts program will give you more than just fitness, weight loss and stress relief. You will have fun learning and mastering the moves of martial arts and come away with real knowledge on how to defend yourself in violent and dangerous situations. You'll discover a new side of you, one of inner strength and confidence, that has been waiting to get out.

Call us for information on how to get started.
Pittsford/Brighton - 475-9250
Penfield/Fairport - 377-6130
Webster/W. Penfield - 347-4660

What's the tuition for continuing lessons?

We have a variety of programs for different age groups, number of classes per week and length of membership. We will help tailor a program that fits your schedule and your budget.